Karim began his artistic journey at the age of twelve. A difficult childhood was made easier by expressing himself through the power of calligraphy. Later in life and far from home, calligraphy became a reminder of where he came from and what he left behind. His love for the Arabic language intensified as he began to delve deeper into its beautiful letters, words, and syllables.  

Inspired by old arabic scriptures, Karim developed his own abstract form of calligraphy using different patterns, shapes, and colors. Always searching for an original concept to breathe more vibrancy and life into his creations, Karim’s work is continuously evolving. Classic Kufi and Maghrebi calligraphy are featured in many of his compositions. This preference arises from the strong pull towards his North African background and the importance of keeping dying traditions alive.

Karim Jabbari is also recognized as one of the most respected light calligraphy artists in the world. His quest for innovation and discovering new ways to incorporate the Arabic calligraphy pushed him to give a new dimension to that discipline. 

Love of letters are the main source of inspiration for him, and it makes him one of the most polyvalent visual artists on the scene. 



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