This is the first mural in the Al Serkal area of Al Quoz, entitled "Unified." It represents the way art can bring people of all backgrounds together. 


Within this interactive and submersive installation, coordinated sounds and light partner together to create an atmosphere of both chaos and calm.  


In a loving speech about challenges and reflection, the topic grabbed the audience through the heartfelt words and an inspirational outlook. 


With both a frontal and birds-eye view, the audience got a look inside the process of honoring the curves and form of the Arabic letters using ancient and minimalist techniques.  


A lively and inquisitive crowd packed the house on opening night in Australia for this showcase of artworks paying homage to various calligraphy styles. 


Centered in the Mulgrave Park area of Halifax, this mural represents the deeply rooted attachment the residents have to their neighborhood.  


This installation featured live personalized  portraits  using light calligraphy, specialized photography, and mood music to capture the attention of the transient audience.  



Karim Jabbari is a world-renowned Light Calligraphy artist who helped pioneer this art medium from its beginning stages. The love he has for light and letters is fueled by his passion to incorporate culturally relevant elements into modern design. This is evident through all of his work. The main focus of his art is to bridge the gap between the younger generations and ancient calligraphy styles. In order to generate interest and re-spark an appreciation for such old fashioned works of poetry and art, he uses modern techniques while preserving the integrity of the ancient forms and style.

His other specialties include large-scale murals around the world, calligraffiti designs (a fusion of calligraphy and graffiti), international public art installations, and teaching various calligraphy and light painting workshops. He has hosted a TED Talk, given classes and workshops in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco, Russia, and the USA.

In Dubai, he placed 2nd for the Islamic Creativity Awards, was a panelist & speaker for Kuwait-based Nuqat, partnered with NYU Abu Dhabi for live light painting, and was recently named one of the Top 30 Public Artists in the world. He has collaborated with brands and organizations such as Land Rover, Royal Air Maroc, VICE, Yale Univeristy, Al Jazeera, CNN, and several others.  His work can be seen in Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and the USA.


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