A different Path. ink and glossy black acrylic on black canvas.

A poem by the iconic Arab poet Abu Al Atahiya where he talks about how we all have different paths in life and how the person who is ignorant will never know its own sickness


كُلٌّ لَهُ سَعيُهُ وَالسَعيُ مُختَلِفٌ

وَكُلُّ نَفسٍ لَها في سَعيِها شاءُ

لِكُلِّ داءٍ دَواءٌ عِندَ عالِمِهِ

مَن لَم يَكُن عالِماً لَم يَدرِ ما الداءُ

ابو العتاهية


A Different Path - 24"x36"